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Welcome to CLPSS

CLPSS- Northeast Region Nori Nem Friday August 12 , 2016

Roosevelt Park (by Lake Grove 1 ABC Area)
Roosevelt Dr, Edison, NJ 08837
Gathering Time from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm
Pooja Time from 12:00 pm onward

All CLPSS Ladies and girls are invited to our first CLPSS Samaj Nori Nem 2016.

Free admission


Please contact one of the following member of our samaj for attendance RSVP, questions and sponsorship.

New Jersey

Meena Suresh Patel : 908-565-1455
Sandhya Ajay Patel : 908-294-4111
Nita Mehta : Need phone number
Bhumika Raju Patel : 856-889-3328
Jagu Patel : 609-313-0139>
Rupal Sanjay Patel : 609-775-7555


Asha Nitin Patel : 410-937-8329

New York

Raksh Manish Patel : 845-242-5456
Soniya Sirish Patel : 516-996-7496
Vanita Patel : 516-747-8029
Leena Patel : 781-856-0074


Jigna Paresh Patel : 717-817-4205

Nori Nem Gornies welcome : Bring your Gornies to this event
Gornie Options : Bring your Gornies,Bring your own Moong and Rotla and pooja samgri for your Gornies or Donate Moneys to this event .

* Pooja samgri will be available at the park for every one.

  • All volunteers please contact Sandhya at above 908-294-4111

Following items will be needed:

  • paper goods, pooja samgri, cut water melon, sliced onions, pickles, cucumbers, lemon & lime, chopped chili peppers & garlic, Rotla, Moong, water, mlik .

Welcome to CLPSSWe have put this site together to provide our community a fast access to information and on how to build a strong community. We believe that by putting this information together we will strengthen the communities' development needs. The Charotaria Leuva Patidar Seva Samaj (CLPSS) was formed in 1988 to bring our community together so that our members would have an opportunity to:

  • Meet and get to know other Charotar's from all over the world.
  • Gain a better understanding of our religion and culture.
  • Raise funds for future gatherings.

We thank you for visiting our website, and hope that you have found a valuable resource for your family. We encourage you to be apart of this organization by becoming a member and visiting this site often. We also encourage you to pass on any input that you feel will benefit our organization and this website. Thanks again for visiting, please pass this website along to your friends and family.

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